Corner of BurN

Corner of BurN
Acrylic/Canvas-Whole Painting Not Shown Here.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Useless Sun-Suzen JueL

16x20 inches
I have always felt a sudden sense of sad when the sun disappears behind the clouds, especially if this goes on for days. My favorite thing in winter, is that one last bright yellow leaf that clings to the tree. Or a certain warmth created by a flame, a fireplace, or the orange and red colors of the leaves on a rainy day.
The sun isn't there...but the illusion is.
Frame is not included. Colors may vary slightly between photo and actual canvas painting.

Will Look Best in a deep wooden frame, a turquoise frame (or a hint of turquoise in the frame itself). Also an iron black or deep rusted color would also look spectacular. If you want a protective gloss sprayed on it, I will gladly do it, the gloss often intensifies the color as well.

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