Corner of BurN

Corner of BurN
Acrylic/Canvas-Whole Painting Not Shown Here.

Monday, November 17, 2008


As an "artist" type person...which I'm not really sure what exactly that means, I guess I've been known to paint, to consume art in life visually, to feel and see. It means I'm living out an experience, through color, through the only self expression I may have to get Out of me, what is inside.
I used to think an 'Artist' was someone who took courses, learned, studied...but that is one type, yes...and thank god for the teachers who teach art. My teacher was just what I saw around me, emotional teaching, I guess one could call it. Noticing over the years, it's often when I'm frustrated, that I paint, but I also paint to create a sense of balance, of peace, in an otherwise Chaotic world. It can focus me, it can heal me, in fact it does both and it happens every time I create Art, or Music, or Poetry.
Yes, I studied it, because I had some interest in what others did, and have always been drawn heavily toward Pablo Picasso, it was the color use in his paintings that sucked me in, they were everything good and I always feel a sense of Peace when I look at his paintings. Kinda like when I listen to Blues, or Folk, everything inside me just falls into place, it's just the way it makes me feel. I don't have to understand it...because the biggest accomplishment in art or music or in ANYTHING for that matter, is how it expresses itself, as it's all left to interpretation after that.
On this page you will find various art that I have done, most of which is sold on the grid of Second Life (tm) at my Parcel in Artopolis. My little parcel there is called Artoustic, which is why I am calling the Blog by that name. Acoustic Songwriting and Art are the things I find much healing in, and as long as I can keep writing music and lyrics, and stroking my brush, or pressing ink into sketchy white paper, as long as I can express, I will have it up for those interested, to much as a Camera allows me to bring it'll see it.
Some of my original pieces will be for sale, however if you are interested in any particular one, please Leave me a message about the one you are inquiring about, and I'll get back to you with details. Each photo of a piece I have created will have a small detailed description on size, medium used etc....
Be patient please, this page is under construction until I find my groove. What can YOU do to help? Spread the word!!! Link my site to yours, let people know there is Original Art here, and perhaps they may like what they see or know someone who might.
Music is one of the biggest inspirations in my art. I see sound as colors and shapes, so painting to particular music can be quite inspiring, as are emotional states, as I had mentioned, I often find myself painting to find that balance and sense of peace, when things around me can be overwhelming or chaotic...this is home, it's the best place I can go, when the rest of the world doesn't make sense anymore. We all have a spot somewhere in our worlds, in our heads, that we gotta call home, because no matter what happens around you, you can always count on being able to express it words, poetry, song....any way that your soul knows, because whatever heals you, is often your own personal gift...and if you get a chance to share it....By All Means!

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