Corner of BurN

Corner of BurN
Acrylic/Canvas-Whole Painting Not Shown Here.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


I remember mixing yellow, mixing blue, more yellow, darker...bolder...trying to get this ancient color, something I wouldn't see in every day color around me. So I started out with this odd green. This odd blue. Almost seems a little of both, just showing through on the edges.
I found it. I want rusted, I want decayed, but I want some 'hope' in it too.
I gobbed a crazy shade of orange-red-yellow on a square small canvas, pushed it to the center, twisted it with my hand, dipped the canvas square back into a smeared patch of rusted leftover everything, and scratched around the sun...around the hope.

Then I finished. Of course I always want to mess with things after I get them to look like I want them to look, JUST TO SEE if I can come up with anything else that soothes me like this does. But I resisted that urge. It was worth it's hanging on my studio wall, which is a crazy olive green color, it belongs there....but it's time to pass it on, as is the intention of this.
8x11 inches.
No Frame included...none necessary...this one is ready to be hung as is.
Colors may vary slightly...very slightly. No flash, natural light for the photograph.

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