Corner of BurN

Corner of BurN
Acrylic/Canvas-Whole Painting Not Shown Here.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

13th Pisces

...13th Pisces...
Pisces, such a fascinating sign. Two Fish swimming in opposite directions, constantly pulling on each other, and constantly pushing each great heights, to greater depths.
Bipolar...two polarities, constantly pulling at each other, constantly pushing each other, to greater heights, to great depths.
Colorful, brilliant, creative bliss...yet dark...but a comforting dark, for those that have shared in those waters.
The reds, yellows and blues are all representative of sound, of flow, or Boldness. I like the playfulness of the Pisces, one pushes, on swims around and within, but always opposite. It is a wicked combination of all 12 signs, hyper aware of the world, hypersensitive to what goes on, emotional, creative...and shares much with the Creative Process of Bipolar. Neither one can be helped...we are born when we are born, with what we are born with. It's great when the double whammie of it, is literally a double hit to the spirit.

16x20 inches
Flat canvas
Colors may vary slightly.

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